Helix Nebula revisited


The Helix Nebula is a large planetary nebula located in Aquarius. It’s faint and difficult to capture detail, requiring dedication to gather enough time on the target. I shot the Helix a year prior, at the same star party, and was intent on bettering the result this year.



Chasing the chicken… IC2944


IC2944, The running chicken nebula
(30 March 2014, Sutherland, South Africa)


IC2944, The Running Chicken Nebula, is located in the constellation Centaurus. To image this I used the 8” Orion Astrograph and Canon 60Da. The light gathering capabilities of the scope at F/3,9 is a pleasure to work with, but left me with a very rich star field.
(See the higher resolution here: http://www.astrobin.com/full/102682/0/)


Gabriela Mistral Nebula


Gabriela Mistral Nebula


NGC 3324 is a star forming region at the northwest corner of the Carina Nebula. It is called the Gabriela Mistral nebula, because of the resemblance with the Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet. It’s shown in the center of this image, with Eta Carina Nebula to the left and NGC 3293 upper right.

Karam Al Snjarae – Internet Astro Thief


UPDATE: 18:48GMT 2014-04-14 / Full Story below
Karam Al Snjarae has admitted guilt and apologized, and we have replied


Karam Al Snjarae – Internet Astro Thief

Cory and I are amateur astrophotographers, very proud of the works we produce. We put a lot of time, money and great effort into the photos we take. It was brought to our attention that a gentleman based in Iraq, Karam Al Snjarae, has been stealing our photos and posting them as his own. He posts these images on Flickr, 500PX and various other social media sites, and is now claiming that WE have stolen his images.

Naturally we’re very upset. It’s one thing to repost with no credit – but to steal, alter by cutting off our signatures, repost with HIS signature on them and sell prints… That’s copyright infringement.

Here follows simple examples of his poor attempt to fool the public.

It saddens me that he takes advantage of users lack of knowledge on photographing and editing targets like these. To general photographers, he can find ways to justify these as his own works, but I’m hoping to serve internet justice by highlighting the “astronomical” mistakes he’s made.


M16 re-processed


In May 2013 I photographed M16, acquiring 21x 180sec exposure images to total 63min. I initially calibrated and stacked in Nebulosity, and edited in Photoshop. Since end 2013 I’ve moved over to processing in PixInsight, and have been wanting to reprocess some of my previous images.

Astrophotography & Post Processing Presentation


Tanja & Cory will be speaking at the West Rand Astronomy Club


February 26, 19h00
Venue: Dutch Reformed Church, 844 Corlette Avenue, Witpoortje.
Telescopes will be set up for viewing (weather permitting)
Cost: Donation of R10 for use of the venue which includes tea / coffee

(Unable to attend? Leave your question in the comment section below for us to answer)


The astrophotography talk touches on all topics from equipment, styles of astrophotography to processing skills. After each section we’ll have a Q&A.

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